West Thurrock

West Thurrock is part of Thurrock located on the north side of the River Thames about 17 miles from London. It is a large host to a lot of Businesses such as B&Q, Ikea Costco and.

Within West Thurrock there is an Industrial Park, called Waterglade Industrial Park. This Industrial Park is the home to a lot of Businesses big and small, with lots of job opportunities, so West Thurrock is the Prime place to live, if you aren’t a fan of commuting.

West Thurrock is near to Lakeside and the West Thurrock Church was where “Four Weddings and a Funeral” was filmed. West Thurrock also used to be the home of Belmont Castle, built in 1795, but it was demolished in 1943 to make way for a chalk quarry.

Previously there used to be a West Thurrock Power Station, but this was replaced by a factory that creates cleaning goods. West Thurrock is also home to 190 m tall electric pylons that are used to cross wires over the Thames.

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