Tilbury is playing a significant part in the massive Thurrock Thames Gateway masterplan. It is highlighted for re-generation on a grand scale. This is to do with Dubai Ports forming the London Gateway which is a unique development combining the UK’s newest deep sea container port with Europe’s largest logistics park. This is London’s major gateway handling significant levels of cargo, it is situated on over 850 acres and is well positioned to the M25 motorway.

Regeneration for Tilbury due to the expansion of the port include a Riverfront development of new homes, shops and lesuire facilities which will encourage to reconnect Tilbury to the River Thames. This is also estimating a further 4,000 new jobs not only from the port but the development in and around that area.

The port will also play a significant logistical role in the 2012 Olympics.

Tilbury also offers a ferry service from Tilbury port to Gravesend, this runs every thirty minutes between 6am -7pm Monday to Saturday.

Tilbury is also famous for being part of several television and film parts some of which being the award-winning 2009 film Fish Tank, with the star, Katie Jarvis, she was recruited after a scout saw her arguing with her boyfriend at Tilbury Town railway station.

Some of the scenes from the 2007 TV Movie of Oliver Twist were filmed at Tilbury Fort.

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