Chadwell St Mary

Chadwell-St-Mary is a large town within Thurrock. It is a few miles east of the town of Grays and is located north of the modern town of Tilbury. It is frequently referred to simply as Chadwell, particularly before the 19th century.

Not much is known about Chadwell St Mary before the Saxon period of Britain. But artifacts show that there was people inhabiting Chadwell during the Stone, Bronze and the Iron ages. There is also proof that Chadwell was inhabited by Roman settlers and in the roman times sea levels dropped, so there may have been settlers where Tilbury docks are.

Chadwell has a few nice green areas surrounding it, such as Orsett Heath, Orsett Golf Course, Mucking Heath and Hutts Hill.

Chadwell is just down the road from East Tilbury Train Station and there is a good bus route from Chadwell to Lakeside, whilst passing through Grays.

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